As a UX designer, I apply user centered design methodologies focusing on human computer interaction, user requirements, heuristic evaluation, user interviews and task analysis. By focusing on the initial developmental stages of software design with a scenario-focused-engineering approach, I can ensure that the project teams will begin building the “right thing” at the onset.

Arnie Lund, Connected Experience Technology Leader and Human-Systems Interaction Lab Manager at GE Global Research, writes: " Evana is an excellent designer. She is passionate about her work and is not afraid to be an advocate for the quality of the overall design. She pays attention to the details. She works incredibly hard, and does what is needed to get a product out. She has the ability to think broadly across the areas required to deliver effective and compelling design. As a team member, she jumps in to help where needed. She also is one of those people who bring something special to energize the team, and is an effective mentor for more junior designers. It was great to have Evana on my Microsoft IT team and I learned a lot from her as we worked together. "

Charles Finkelstein, Microsoft GPM Expression Media Encoder writes:
Wow! Arnie sounds cool – I match his referral and raise him one! I AM NO LONGER SURPRISED HOW Evana can take on totally new software packages, not only does she get proficient rapidly, but she trains others. She is amazing at team building and has a way of behaving that keeps morale high.

With a 20+ year career in design, engineering, branding and marketing, I find myself continuously analyzing the trends of the world. I received a BFA from Penn State featuring a graphic design major, a marketing minor, and many early computer programming classes such as Basic, Fortran, Pascal and Cobol. The technical computer programming experience enabled me to diversify my talents. Presently, I work cross-platform on Mac/PC software and I am proficient in all Adobe's graphic programs as well as MS Expression Blend and Silverlight. My art direction has included software/product development, user experience/user interface, web, branding, logo, print, environmental, signage, and package design.

I am an idea generator and an innovative thinker, with the skill-set and ability to create diverse design solutions that apply to many fields and markets.

 In brand/logo design, I emphasize that a good mark expresses the company's vision, intention, and personality in one succinct core concept. 

 As the Lead Designer for mPower's investment planning B2B/B2C web site, I created the mPower brand and marketing strategy. I upheld and extended the site's visual design, user interface and navigation scheme as the services and the functionality of the site grew and expanded. I had great success with the implementation of the firm-wide Corporate Identity Style Guide.

I enjoy collaboration and teaching as part of my work. In the Microsoft SFE Training Program, I worked with large engineering teams and was placed in a leadership role, having been chosen to participate and complete the Microsoft UX Leadership Program. In my purview are Global Branding, Global Best Practices and Company Style-Guides. I served on the UX Leadership Team and was a part of the Senior IT Design Committee.

 I am passionate about efficiency in the engineering process and building, so I introduced a design style-guide for ECIT that was successfully repurposed as a company-wide engineering “re-usable assets” library.

Rod Paulino, Business Program Manager at Microsoft writes: "Evana is the model Senior User Experience Designer at Microsoft: smart, hard-working and customer-focused. She is self-driven, tenacious, possesses a high-level of integrity and has deep industry knowledge and experience that she uses to deliver real value to end-users and business partners when it comes to championing world-class customer E2E experiences. One of Evana's greatest strengths is her ability to find sound resolutions to problems from several different angles and then be able to choose and implement towards the best options through strong design paradigms. Her versatility enables her to be successful in a myriad of situations, especially in her command and knowledge of the design space and the features she is responsible for..."